Why doesn’t the WAVE validation tool work with my website?

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The WAVE evaluation link is powered with the WAVE tool by WebAim. Links to WAVE are provided for convenience only,  the WP ADA Compliance Plugin and AlumniOnline Web Services LLC are not affiliated with WAVE or WebAim in anyway. If it is not working on your website it is most likely because your web server is blocking the tool from viewing your website inside frames. Use your web browsers javascript console to confirm this and contact your host for assistance. Additional help can be found in the WAVE Help section.

What are the System/Server Requirements?

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Linux/Unix, Apache webserver with MYSQL and PHP 5.6, PHP 7 >, or PHP 8. Suggested PHP Settings: max_execution_time: 300, memory_limit: 256MB or 700MB for PDF scans To use content filtering features such as auto correction of issues, Multibyte String and Fileinfo Extensions must be enabled in PHP Tested on WordPress 4.6 > and Classic Press 1.0 > WordPress cron Browser support: Windows with Edge, Opera, Firefox or Chrome or Mac with Safari, Opera, Firefox or Chrome

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